Precision Film Cutter Custom Order Product

It is the equipment which is made according to the demand of the customer who wants precise cutting of the cut like a knife.
It is a specially designed equipment that minimizes thermal deformation of the film, does not cause burr and can cut very thin film.

We applied CO2 laser with 9.3nm wavelength and applied special optics to maximize the quality of the beam. We also made a micro vacuum table to fix the film without movement. In order to minimize the vibration, the mechanism section uses precision components such as frame structure, grinding ballscrew and linear guide.

All products of E-laser can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Machining area650 x 550mm (custom made)
  • Maximum machining speed


  • Resolution0.025mm
  • Repeatability0.01mm
  • CAM programE-Laser Cut 8.0
  • Data input method USB interface direct connection, USB memory
  • Supported computer operating system

    Windows XP or above Windows10

  • LaserCO2 Laser: 9.3nm wavelength, RF type 25W
  • Data commandcontent-only language
  • Power supplySingle phase 220V 60Hz
  • DriveServo motor+Ballscrew system


  • Safety cover Acrylic cover to prevent danger during processing
  • Precision drive applicationServo Motor & Ballscrew system
  • Precision Focus ControlFine focus adjustment by mounting precision gauge
  • Multi language support

    Support for multiple languages ​​such as English,
    Japanese, German, Chinese

  • W.A.B.E technology applied

    technology to produce high quality beam with
    patented optical technology

  • ACS System

    Anti Corrosion System can work with pvc and

  • Red beam guide

    Laser beam visualization by applying red beam

  • Application of special laser headApplication of special optical head
  • Optimized laser applicationRF (30 ~ 400W)
  • Customizing possible

    Equipment modification according to user's

  • 1 year WarrantyProvided Our standard warranty period.

Features of equipment

  • Specially designed laser head

    Specially designed laser head is applied. It is a completely sealed laser head considering laser optical characteristics.

  • Application of precision drive system

    High precision ball screw is used. Precision machined ball screws minimize misalignment and minimize overload displacement errors.

  • Fine Focus Control

    Precise machining is possible by using high quality precision motor.

  • Precision dual LM Guide

    We have specially designed laser head. It is a completely sealed laser head considering laser optical characteristics.

  • W.A.B.E. Technology application

    Patented laser optical technology is used to reduce the size of the beam dramatically, ensuring precise machining. It can be selected as an option.

  • Machine Vision Selectable

    It is a device that can recognize the image through registration mark by applying CCD camera and perform cutting operation. It can be selected as an option.

  • Provide local vacuum table and jig

    Base aluminum blade. Various tables according to customer's demand
    1. Vacuum table
    2. Honeycomb table
    3. Acrylic blade
    4. Acrylic honeycomb table

  • 9.3um CO2 Laser application

    DC type Glass tube CO2 laser application According to customer's requirement, RF type laser can be selected according to laser output. 150W ~ 400W can be selected.