Fabric & Leather marking & cutting

The laser can cut leather and fabric, and marking is also possible.
The cutting surface is very clean and sutured when cutting, and a unique effect is obtained when marking.

Types of leather, fabric

Denim, satin, suede, vinyl, nylon, Kevlar, polyester, various natural, artificial leather, etc.

Fabric&Leather Marking

The laser marking of fabrics and leather has a very unique effect on the material and can add value to the product.

Applicable equipments: EL-MK serise (CO2 laser), EL-1290LK (CO2 laser), EL-7040LK (CO2 laser)

Fabric&Leather Cutting

Laser can be cut very quickly and cleanly than other cutting methods. You can also cut with various patterns.
The edges of the fabric are not loosened, and precise cutting is possible.

Our equipment: EL-1290LK (CO2 laser), EL-7040LK (CO2 laser), Custom equipment

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