Plastic marking & cutting

Lasers are excellent for processing various plastics, including acrylics.
Sculpting is possible while maintaining depth and precision, and thick plastics can be cut into various shapes.
CNC equipment can also be processed in a variety of plastic.

Types of Plastics

Acrylic, ABS, Laminated plastic, Various films, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Nylon, Delrin, Mylar etc.

Plastic Marking

Various plastics can be marked with excellent precision.
Clean and precise finish is available for various machining.
If marking compound is used, marking is also possible in fiber laser.

Our equipment:EL-1290 LK (CO2), EL-7040 LK (CO2), EL-1390 LK (CO2), EL-1810 LK (CO2), Multifunctional / light guide plate, CNC , custom equipment

Plastic cutting

Acrylic and plastic of various thickness can be precisely cut.
The cutting surface does not require post-processing and creates a very clean edge.
It can be processed very quickly in various shapes and is widely used in various fields of plastic processing.

Our equipment: EL-1290 LK (CO2), EL-7040 LK (CO2), EL-1390 LK (CO2), EL-1810 LK

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