Light guide plate maker Custom Order Product

It is a device to fabricate LED diffuse light guide pattern by combining X, Y, Z Axis and Scanner with 10.6nm or 9.3nm CO2 laser and tool charger.

Unlike conventional methods, it is possible to produce very delicate and sophisticated patterns, and it is gradually becoming a popular trend.
By combining the axis and the scanner, we have achieved a wide machining area and quick workability.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Machining area600 x 600mm
  • Maximum machining speed


  • Resolution0.025mm
  • Repeatability0.01mm
  • CAM program

    Axis device and scanner integrated control -
    System controller self development

  • LaserCO2 Laser DC / RF, 10.6nm / 9.3nm
  • Data input methodUSB interface direct connection, USB memory
  • Drive systemservo+ballscrew+scanner
  • Power supplyAC 380V three phase


  • Full Cover Application Full cover to prevent danger during processing
  • Precision motorHigh quality servo motor application
  • Precision Scanner Application

    Excellent quality with high quality scanner

  • Dedicated pattern

    Equipped with a dedicated program for patterning
    of light guide plate

  • Ballscrew type

    Durable ball screw application ensures stable
    machining quality

  • Red beam pattern display

    Convenient function to show processing pattern
    with red beam

  • Variety of lasers availableVarious wavelengths of CO2 Laser can be selected
  • 1 year warrantyOur standard warranty period.
  • Operation Knowhow

    Educational specialist conducts tailored training
    for your clients


Features of equipment

  • Application of precision servo motor

    Precision machining is possible by using high quality precision motors.

  • Precision Scanner Application

    Using a precision galvanometer-applied scanner, it achieves fast and accurate quality.

  • Dedicated pattern program

    It is a program to compose a pattern by automatically calculating diffusion pattern according to processing size.

  • Full cover application

    Full cover has been applied for operator's safety and work environment.