Large CO2 laser equipment Custom Order Product

To process 4x8 size or larger discs at one time, equipment with large machining area is required.Therefore, we have developed CO2 laser equipment for base metals with machining area of 1300mm x 2500mm.

You can work on large discs of non-metallic materials such as acrylic, wood, MDF, corrugated cardboard, etc. By optimizing the laser beam path configuration, uniform machining quality is achieved throughout the machining area.

Laser is designed to select glass tube type or RF type.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Machining area1300 x 2500mm
  • Maximum machining speed


  • Resolution0.025mm
  • Repeatability0.01mm
  • CAM programE-Laser Cut 8.0
  • Data input methodUSB interface direct connection, USB memory
  • Supported computersOperating system Windows XP to Windows10
  • Maximum cutting thickness

    < 30mm (Acrylic)

  • Minimum text size

    English:1.5mm x 1.5mm /
    Korean, Chinese:3.5mm x 3.5mm

  • LaserCO2 Laser 100W ~ 300W
  • Data command content-only language
  • Power supply

    Single phase 220V 60Hz 2200W
    (Domestic type) or more

  • Drive systemServo motor+rack & pinion+belt


  • 3 directional work

    Acrylic cover used to prevent danger during

  • Precision motorApplication of high quality AC servo motor
  • LCD Display

    Convenient environment by changing work setting
    and saving data

  • Multi language support

    Support for multiple languages ​​such as English,
    Japanese, German, Chinese

  • Convenient Focus Alignment

    Quick and easy focus alignment with focus tool

  • ACS System

    Anti Corrosion System can work with pvc and

  • Data input methodUSB interface direct connection, USB memory
  • Application of flame detection sensor

    Sensor that cuts laser when flame occurs during

  • W.A.B.E Applied technology (option)

    Applied technology to produce high-quality beam
    with patented optical technology

  • Rack & Pinion applicationDurable belt application Stable processing quality
  • Various lasers availableRF(20~300W) / DC(80~180W)
  • Customizing possible

    Equipment modification according to user's

  • 1 year warrantyOur standard warranty period.

Features of equipment

  • 3-way operation possible

    We have cleaned out various external device wires to enable work from 3 sides.

  • High precision ball screw application

    High precision ball screw is used. Precision machined ball screw minimizes misalignment and minimizes overload displacement error.

  • AC Servo Motor Application

    Precision machining is possible by using high quality precision motors.

  • Frame structure design

    Our specially designed laser head is applied. Considering laser optical properties. Completely sealed laser head.


  • W.A.B.E. Apply technology

    Optimized for metal surface processing by applying fiber laser of 1064nm wavelength.
    In addition, various outputs can be selected from 100W to 1KW or more.

  • Vision registration cutting

    By applying a high performance galvanometer, we have ensured the transmission of the laser beam and the reproducibility of the quality in the machining area.

  • Select Work Table

    The operation panel is configured to control only the necessary functions such as laser output, frequency, machining area setting, and scan speed

  • Selectable RF type CO2 Laser

    It is composed of moving wheel + gun type to increase the equipment mobility and ease of operation