Running Saw Custom Order Product

This equipment cuts materials that can be cut with saw, such as wood, acrylic, and bakelite, to the desired size.It uses 8 ~ 12 inch circular saw blades, and it is possible to fine tune both the blade height, front and back.

It can be freely operated according to work environment by manual and automatic use.

Even if a thick plate is cut by applying a double split auto clamp, it can be cut without being tilted to one side.

Precision LM Guides and rack & pinion gears are used for extremely stable driving.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Equipment Size

    2800 x 2980 x 1519mm

  • Machining lengthMax 1200mm
  • Working thicknessMax 75mm
  • Minimum cut width

    > 5mm

  • Cutting speed

    Max 340mm/s

  • RPM4200 rpm
  • Drive systemServo motor + Ballscrew
  • Control systemPLC control system

Mechanical design focus

Met switch Step1 alarm buzzer, Stop spinning saw
Step 2 Mains power off
Area sensor Double safety devices, More than 30mm object detection
Door sensor Stop saw rotation when opening check window
Safety cover Apply safety cover to all sections of the saw