Large Marking Machine Custom Order Product

Conventional laser marking was not able to mark large area due to limit of the area of the scanner.
In our company, instead of using the existing scanner, we combined a drive shaft and a scanner to create a large-area marking machine that enables large-area marking.

Compared to existing etching work, it is very quick and sophisticated, and it also includes environmental factors in the work process, so you can get three sets of effects.

We have the technology to synchronize the axis movement with the scanner which is the core technology of this equipment. You can choose either a fiber laser or a CO2 laser depending on the material of the workpiece.

All of our products can be customized according to your needs and work environment.

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  • Scanner Marking Area500 x 500 mm Scanner Moving Operation
  • Overall machining area2000 x 3000mm or 2000 x 6000mm
  • Resolution0.025mm
  • Repeatability0.01mm
  • CAM program

    axis device and scanner control integrated self-
    developed system controller

  • LaserCO2 Laser / Fiber Laser
  • Data input method USB interface direct connection, USB memory
  • Drive system servo+ballscrew+scanner
  • Power supply AC 380V three phase

Features of equipment

  • Application of precision servo motor

    Precision machining is possible by using high-quality precision motors

  • Application of precision scanner

    Using a precision galvanometer-based scanner, it achieves fast and accurate quality.

  • Dedicated Sync program

    Using a dedicated program with the technique of combining each image processed in the scanner without error

  • High rigidity gantry application

    The high rigidity gantry is applied and the stability of the work is excellent.